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We draw inspiration from our attachment to the German Bavarian vehicle brand and the cars that they make. It is a great pleasure to drive them and keep in flawless condition. But to make it all perfect there are always some gadgets needed that are hard to come by. We would like to help people with whom we share the same passion to get these gadgets easily.

The core segment of items that we offer enables everyone to connect any BMW model to their computer – the OBD cables. With their help owners are able to read error codes when they appear on their cars. Secondly, it allows them to make software changes to their vehicle, unlock new or hidden features and adjust how existing ones work.

Every Bimmer owner needs such a cable, as it is very easy to use and there are many very helpful guides online.


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We proudly present 5 key features which distinguish us:



Worldwide shipping

Our warehouse is geologically well positioned to support fast international shipping. Our convenient location in Central Europe allows us to deliver all our shipments in 3-5 days.


European Company

Bimmergroup is a proud Central European company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We set high standards for all areas. Especially for our goods which are very well-made and have a very distinguished look.


High quality

Is noticeable to the touch and appearance. The products are made of high quality materials, fit perfectly and are previously tested to make sure that they work flawlessly.


Secure Payment

All our costumers' sensitive details are secured via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption and are not accessible to anyone.

This allows every our costumer to shop carefree.


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Fast Delivery

From our online shopping cart to your door in 3-5 days for a very reasonable price (6.15€ international flat rate).

Each our shipment is equipped with tracking number which allows our costumers to check their location and status at any time.

Shipments are also handeled carefully to arrive in flawless condition.


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