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We are using cookies to improve and optimise our services. They are small data files which are stored on your computer or other devices ( smartphones, tablets, etc. ) as you visit our website. Cookies help us understand your behaviour on our website, let us know what you have in your shopping cart and allow us to remember whether you're logged in. They are also used to help us offer and advertise products and services which are relevant to you.


Types of cookies

Two different types of cookies may be used during your stay on our website:

Session cookies are placed on your device when you visit us and are deleted after you close your internet browser. Those cookies allow you to add products to shopping cart and to complete an order. Shopping on our website wouldn't be possible without them.

Persistent cookies are a little bit different and are stored for a certain period of time. We are using them to enable you to use our wishlist and to display previously viewed products.


Disable or delete cookies

The solution varies from web browser to web browser but it can certainly be found in every browser's help menu. Cookies can be disabled with changing your website browser settings to reject cookies. To delete cookies please navigate to 'clear cookies' section within your browser settings.




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