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ENET cable
ENET cable
ENET cable
ENET cable

ENET cable

ENET cable

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ENET cable is fitted with RJ45 Ethernet connector and OBD2 16-pin connector to allow connection with BMW series F, G and I ( from production year 2008 and forward ).

Works with all software solutions available and therefore allows free choice of program according to user's needs ( e.g. ECOM, ICOM, INPA, ISIS, ISTA Rheingold, etc.)


Key features

  • read and clear error codes
  • make software changes to your vehicle
  • unlock new or hidden features
  • adjust how existing features work
  • ECU coding
  • EWS synchronisation
  • adaptations
  • output tests
  • etc...


Compatible models

  • 1 series: F20/F21, F40, F52
  • 2 series: F22/F23, F45/F46, F44
  • 3 series: F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F35, G20/G21
  • 5 series: F10/F11, F07, F18, G30/G31
  • 6 series: F06, F12/F13, G32
  • 7 series: F01/F02/F03/F04, G11/G12
  • X3: F25, G01, G08
  • X4: F26, G02
  • X5: F15, F85, G05
  • X6: F16, G06
  • Z series: G29
  • Mini: from 2014 ( all generations with iDrive )
  • i3: all generations
  • i8: all generations
Technical information
Length 200 cm
Colour Yellow/Black
Connectors OBD2 + RJ45 (Ethernet)
Weight 159 g
Contains 1x ENET cable ( OBD to Ethernet )

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